White Resistance Manual and Lone Mujahid Guide/Pocketbook

As I’ve been keeping track of the white supremacist pages/websites for the primary resources section of this website, I noticed that a booklet, the White Resistance Manual frequently appeared as a guide to undertaking domestic terrorist activities. I also noticed that it bore a striking resemblance to the shorter Lone Mujahid Guide, which was publishedContinue reading “White Resistance Manual and Lone Mujahid Guide/Pocketbook”

White Supremacists and Far-Right Conspiracies

While I’ve been gone… Apologies for the long absence! While I’ve been gone, I’ve been focused on what has turned out to be extremely important parts of the terrorist landscape: white supremacy and far-right conspiracies. My usual area of interest lies in the rhetorical strategies of Islamist extremists like al-Qaeda and ISIS, but there’s actuallyContinue reading “White Supremacists and Far-Right Conspiracies”