Primary Resources (Mobile Screenshots)

Please consider all images to be NSFW. Many of them include swearing, graphic images, and hate speech.

White Supremacist/Far Right Gab Mobile Screenshots.

The following is a compilation of Gab profiles from white supremacists and far-right/white supremacist threads.

Miscellaneous Conspiracy/White Supremacist Websites

The following are mobile screenshots of blogs and websites– the first screenshot is from a white supremacist website, the second is a blog post from Cloudflare, which was the host for 8chan, and the last is from a large-scale website dedicated to the QAnon conspiracy. Most of the images of websites will be in the computer-generated, long-form screengrabs section once I get them posted.

Instagram QAnon/Far-Right Mobile Screenshots

Some of the images in this gallery may lack context (other connecting threads/comments/profile descriptions. Send me an email if you’d like to know more about any of these accounts/posts.

QAnon and Far-Right Twitter Mobile Screenshots

Most of the images here depict QAnon posts/discussions/profiles. Again, if you’d like any more context or other information, let me know. Oddly enough, there is a contingent of pro-Iran and pro-“Persia” accounts on here that utilize the far-right American conspiracies. Interestingly, there are also QAnon groups popping up in Asian countries like Hong King and Japan. There are also (less suprisingly) pro-QAnon and Pro-far right ideology accounts in Australia.

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